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Alisha Lucik Underwear Football Styles2012-05-23
Look into the Lingerie Football designs, alisha lucik lingerie football is one from the newest and quick growing sports. Woman football players put on lingerie and perform football. It appears to be most men's fantasies to get football, women as well as lingerie together. The football appears serious enough for your players and they will wear sexy clothes. In this economic climate, you need something to obtain the fans going.

The majority of the players are high, slender, muscular, and the smaller mug size. Most are generally pretty. They put on bra and panty models and play complete contact football. They wear the soft cup bra that ties within a bow in the leading and a clasp within the back. It is the plunge cut and most of the players wear pasties beneath. Most of the actual teams have ribbons around the the top of bra. The bras possess bold colors and they are not see-though. They may be almost like the cross between a swimsuit along with a bra- a bit boyish in the event you ask me. The bras appear to have little assistance and mostly generally there for style. The players are lucky they are not well rendered. Otherwise, they would bounce through out and get injury.

The bottoms are generally boyshorts. They possess a straight line on the top and low hurt. The lower component rides up the rear to show a bit of the bottom. They have a little bit of lace on the very best and on underneath.

The final bit of lingerie is the garter within the right leg. It looks there for look sake. For pictures, the players add a little bit of lace around their own neck. They possess a sexy look without having to be trashy.

For safety, the players put on a football head protection, knee and shoulder pads, and heavy-duty glenohumeral joint pads. With their underwear and padding these girls will be ready to play.

The stands typically are men; nevertheless, you can find women within the stands. Some from the fans will put on lingerie themselves. The men obtain a bit crazy plus some even paint bras upon themselves.

Although the ladies choose to wear model alisha lucik, they may be quite competitive and do the game seriously. They have twelve teams and compete from coast to coast. Each team offers 14 active gamers and 6 non-active players. They are dressed or must i say partially undressed and prepared to play.

Lingerie football fashions appear to work. The girls look sexy without having to be too risque. They are typically protected from injuries. The fans as well as players alike appear to enjoy it. This sport is here now to stay. Underwear and football may go together.
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